Public Notary Services

Our principal lawyer, Junichi Horie, is also a Notary Public. Junichi can assist individual and corporate clients with all notarial requirements, from witnessing a signature to attesting truecopies of original documents. Junichi can also help you with any type of document that needs verification or authentication for use overseas - from marriage certificates to power of attorneys to univeristy degrees and more.

As a native Japanese speaker, Junichi can authenticate documents in Japanese as well as English.

Public Notary services are used to verify and authenticate Australian documents and/or signatures for use overseas.

Once a document is notarised, it must be taken to the Department of Foreign Affairs to receive an apostille (for countries signatory to the Hague Convention) or to be authenticated (for countries not signatory to the Hague Convention).

Our office offers cash and credit card facilities, but if you can't make it to us, Junichi can come to you - and not just in Sydney, but anywhere in NSW!

Public Notary

Our Notary Public

Junichi Horie