Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property (IP) refers to the application of the mind to develop something new or original. IP can be many things, such as an invention, a brand, a design, an artistic creation or the practical application of an idea.

    IP is a valuable business asset and it is important that you understand and know how to protect it, as this can often be the difference between an organisations success or failure.

    As IP rights can exist in many forms, some require a formal process of application, examination and registration, while others come into existence without the need for registration. If you have conflicts on intellectual property, mediation is a good way to resolve.

    Junichi Horie, our legal team member, is a member of Australian Institute of Physics. We provide you with various services related to intellectual property.

    Key concepts about IP Protection

  • IP has many of the same ownership rights as physical property.
  • Effective management of IP is important to ensure you get the best protection and the most out of your idea/invention.
  • The creator of IP is not necessarily the owner – it is important that ownership is addressed through appropriate contractual arrangements.

Intellectual property

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