Commercial Law

At Advantage Partnership Lawyers, we understand the complexities and legal issues that arise in commercial law matters.

Utilising our thorough understanding of the Australian legal and business culture, we can assist you in managing a broad range of legal and business issues from commercial lease negotiations to transfer pricing systems.

      We can advise and assist you on a variety of matters, including:
    • Drafting and negotiation of various types of commercial agreements, including standard terms and conditions, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements, supply and services agreements,
    • Drafting and negotiation of commercial leases, including incentives and sub-leases,
    • Corporate governance, including drafting governance documents and advising on appropriate management structures,
    • Directors duties and liabilities,
    • Consumer law and competition issues,
    • Business closure and insolvency issues.

    Our team has hands-on experience providing innovative advice to many major public and private Japanese corporations. Our approach is team-oriented and outcome driven. Consult with us before you undertake any important legal or financial business decisions.

    Commercial Law

    Our principal lawyer

    Junichi Horie